Clinical Psychology

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Core Program Principles and Values

Our program is founded on three core principles of clinical science:

  • Designing and conducting cutting-edge empirical research to inform knowledge, assessment, and treatment of psychopathology;
  • Utilizing multiple levels of analysis across disciplines (e.g., molecular genetics, family influences, cognitive neuroscience) to develop comprehensive models of human behavior; and
  • Understanding normal development and behavior across the lifespan to inform understanding of abnormal development and behavior.

As we embody and pursue these principles, we hold ethical practice and attention to diversity as core values that cut across our foundational principles and program philosophy.

We strongly emphasize ethical approaches to clinical science throughout our program. We have a clinical science course devoted to this important value and practice, and all faculty, supervisors, and students are expected to adhere to ethical practice standards (e.g., APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct; Institutional Review Board standards) in all areas of clinical science. We also place a high value on diversity and multi-cultural competence in our program milieu, our courses, our colloquia series, and in our research and clinical training. We have a Diversity Committee that is charged with ensuring the highest attention to diversity issues in our program by organizing speakers and workshops to promote multi-cultural competence and working with other program committees (e.g., Admissions Committee) to ensure that our value of diversity is represented across our program activities.