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The graduate students in our clinical psychology doctoral program are the backbone of the program. The program has 25-30 active graduate students at any one time, and all students are actively involved in running the research labs, staffing the training clinic, and assisting in course instruction. The quality of our students is evidenced by their high-level of research productivity (see table below) and their success on the internship and job market, including a 100% match rate to American Psychological Association (APA) accredited APPIC internships for over 15 years.

Research Output of Graduate Students from 2008-2016.

Scientific OutputTotal Number Fall 2008 - Spring 2016Student average output while enrolled at MSU
Number of peer-reviewed papers113 publications4.31 publications
Number of book chapters18 chapters0.71 chapters
Number of conference presentations306 presentations11.52 presentations

Clinical Program Awards, Celebrations, and Events


The John Hurley Endowed Fellowship Award


This award, in honor of the late Professor John Hurley, is given to the best dissertation in

the Clinical Psychology Program each year. John Hurley was Professor of Psychology at MSU for 45 years. He earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Iowa in 1953 and later earned a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Hurley was a nationally known scholar in group psychotherapy who studied T-groups, group therapy processes, interpersonal theory, leadership in groups, and interpersonal perceptions. He served as the President of the Michigan Group Psychotherapy Society.


The 2015/2016 Hurley Award was given to Britny Hildebrandt and Sharon Lo. Congratulations Britny and Sharon!


Past Award Winners Current Award Winner
2008/2009 - Kristen Culbert
2009/2010 - Cecilia Martinez-Torteya
2010/2011 - Alexia Spanos
2011/2012 - Sarah Racine
2012/2013 - Brittany Lannert
2013/2014 - Kate Thomas
2014/2015 - Matt Yalch
Britny Hildebrant and Sharon Lo




The John and Margo Reisman Award


This award helps recruit exceptional students of unusual promise, who in turn have the

potential to elevate the MSU Clinical Psychology Program to new levels of excellence. The annual scholarship provides additional funding, over and above what could otherwise be offered, to one top applicant in each admissions class.


The scholarship is endowed by Dr. John M. Reisman and his wife, Margo Reisman.

Dr. Reisman is an alumnus of the MSU Clinical Psychology doctoral program and an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at DePaul University in Chicago. Mrs. Reisman also is a proud graduate of the MSU Psychology Department.


Congratulations to the 2015/2016 award winner, Evan Good!


Past Award Winners Current Award Winner
2008/2009 - Sarah Racine
2009/2010 - Zori Kalibetseva
2010/2011 - Tim Moran
2011/2012 - Natalie Berger
2012/2013 - Katherine Pickard
2013/2014 - Jeff Lin
2014/2015 - Karis Casagrande
Evan Goode




The Norman Abeles Award for


Outstanding Clinical Service


This award is given to a graduate student who has excelled in their clinical science

approach to psychotherapy and/or assessment. The benefactors of the award are former graduate students of the MSU Clinical Psychology Program who contributed to the fund in honor of Dr. Norman Abeles’ retirement in 2010. Dr. Abeles is an Emeritus Professor who served as the clinic director for 26 years and significantly contributed to the clinical and research training of our graduate students.


Congratulations to the 2015/2016 award winner, Katey Smagur!


Past Award Winners Current Award Winner
2013/2014 - Matt Yalch
2014/2015 - Katherine Pickard
Katey Smagur

Katey Smagur



Master's Thesis Presentation Award


Each year, the 2nd year Clinical Psychology graduate students present their master's

research to the entire Clinical Psychology Program. The Master’s Thesis Presentation Award is selected by the program faculty and given to the student with the best presentation that year. Presentation Award!


Congratulations to Brooke Slawinski, the 2015/2016 recipient of the Master’s Thesis Presentation Award!


Past Award Winners Current Award Winner
2011/2012 - Katey Smagur
2012/2013 - Natalie Berger
2013/2014 - Katherine Pickard
2014/2015 - Jeff Lin
Brooke Slawinski

Brook Slawinski


Other Awards

Alana Harrison

Alana Harrison

Alana Harrison received the annual TA award for her work in PSY 424 in Fall 2015. She was nominated by Professor Tim Goth-Owens, who noted the exceptional dedication and extensive feedback she provided to students to improve their writing skills.









Graduation Celebrations


In the spring of 2016, five of our second-year students successfully defended their master’s theses! Congratulations to Karis Casagrande, Brooke Slawinski, Alana Harrison, Chelsea Kneip, and Allison Gornik.







The annual graduation party celebrated the accomplishments of the graduating master’s and doctoral students.


MA cake



MA degrees





Fall Welcome Party


Each fall, our program hosts a party to welcome all incoming and returning students and faculty. In fall 2016, we welcomed five new graduate students and one new faculty member. Welcome Natasha, Kyle, Livon, Lauren, Beier, and Dr. Amy Drahota!


Welcome Party





After Hours


Student clinicians practice self-care by enjoying some yoga at the end of a busy semester.