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Navarrete Carlos Navarrete
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Biological Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles 2004
Masters Biological Anthropology, California State University, Fullerton 1999
Bachelors History, University of California, Santa Barbara 1996
Primary Program: Social/Personality
247 Psychology
(517) 432-8391

Research Statement

Research Interests: Evolutionary psychology; Prejudice and discrimination; Morality; Minority underachievement and temporal discounting; Gender, race and mate choice; Cooperation and conflict in intergroup contexts.

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Intergroup Relations Lab Research in the lab adopts an evolutionary perspective on cognition, attitudes and behavior relevant to intra and inter-group phenomena. Current projects explore the links among intergroup bias, coalitional and sexual aggression, and moral judgment. Methods include experiments that employ questionnaires, physiological measurement, preferences for certain visual stimuli, and reactions to 3-D images in immersive, virtual environments (or "virtual reality").
Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research PI: Dr. Frederick Leong
Our primary mission is to generate and apply psychological science to increase our understanding of multicultural issues in both domestic and international contexts.

Research Publications    
2016Holbrook, C., Fessler, D., & Navarrete, C.D. (2016). Looming large in others' eyes: Racial stereotypes illuminate dual adaptations for representing threat versus prestige as physical size. Evolution & Human Behavior, 37, 67-78.
2016Hoffman, M., Yoel, E. & Navarrete, C.D. (2016). Game theory and morality. In Shackelford, T. & Hansen, R. (Eds.). Evolution of Morality. Springer: NY. pp. 289-316.
2016Tybur, J. & Navarrete, C.D. (in press). Interrupting bias in social psychology: Evolutionary psychology as a guide. In Forgas, J., & Jessum, L., Eds., Frontiers in Social Psychology Series: The Politics of Social Psychology, Psychology Press: NY.
2015McDonald, M. & Navarrete, C.D. (2015). Examining the link between conception risk and intergroup bias: The importance of conceptual coherence. Psychological Science, 26, 253-255.
2015Tybur, J., & Navarrete, C.D. (2015). When theory trumps ideology: Lessons from evolutionary psychology. [Peer commentary on “Political Diversity Will Improve Social Psychological Science.” by Duarte, J., Crawford, J. Stern, C., Haidt, J., Jussim, L., & Tetlock, P.] Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 38, 40-41.
2015McDonald, M., Cesario, J., Donnellan, B., & Navarrete, C.D. (2015). Mate choice preferences in an intergroup context: Evidence for a threat-management system among women. Evolution & Human Behavior, 36, 438–445.
2015Molapour T., Golkar A., Navarrete C.D., Haaker J., & Olsson A. (2015). Neural correlates of biased fear learning and interaction in an intergroup context. NeuroImage, 121,171-183.
2014Cesario, J. & Navarrete, C.D. (2014). Perceptual bias in threat distance: The critical roles of ingroup support and target evaluations in defensive threat regulation. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 5, 12-17.
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