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Chopik William J Chopik
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Michigan, 2015
Primary Program: Social/Personality
254 Psychology
(517) 355-6645

Research Statement

I am a social-personality psychologist interested in how relationships—and the people in them—change over time and across situations. My research focuses on how factors both inside (biological, hormonal) and outside (social roles, geography) of people influence their approach to social relationships. My work examines phenomena as broad as how relationships and social institutions shape development and as focused as the hormonal mechanisms that underlie love and intimacy. 


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I will be accepting students for Fall 2016.

Research Publications    
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2016Chopik, W. J., & Edelstein, R. S. (in press). Preliminary validation of a romantic attachment orientation measure from the California Adult Q-Sort. Attachment and Human Behavior.
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