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Davidson William Davidson
University Distinguished Professor
Ph.D. University of Illinois 1976
Masters University of Illinois 1973
Bachelors Grand Valley State University 1969
Primary Program: Ecological-Community
132 Psychology
(517) 353-5015

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Michigan State University Adolescent Project (MSUAP) The Michigan State University Adolescent Project (in collaboration with Ingham County Circuit Court) has provided quality advocacy services to youth in Ingham County since 1976. Michigan State University trains undergraduate students as advocates to provide a strength-based intervention to youth who are referred by the Ingham County Circuit Court. The primary goal of MSUAP is to help youth avoid future involvement with the juvenile justice system. Advocates design intervention programs tailored to each youth's strengths, skills/abilities and unmet needs. The goals are accomplished by providing the youth with an oppurtunity to gain access to community resources, partake in civic engagement, etc.
Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research PI: Dr. Frederick Leong
Our primary mission is to generate and apply psychological science to increase our understanding of multicultural issues in both domestic and international contexts.
MSU Mother Infant Study The study is focused on understanding the influences of domestic violence on the lives of women and children. Half of our original sample experienced some level of abuse from their partners (from mild to severe) and half served as the control group. Over time, however, some women have moved into and some out of abusive relationships. We are interested in what creates conditions of risk and resilience for these women and children. We also study how women's parenting and mental health as well as the social and psychological adjustment of their children are affected by various levels of hardship posed by domestic violence and other life circumstances.

Research Publications    
2010Jimenz, T., Onifade, E., Davidson, W., & Hankins, S. (2010). Student experiences of the adolescent diversion project: A community based exemplar in the pedagogy of service-learning. American Journal of Community of Psychology. 46(3/4), 442-458.
2010Davidson, W. S., Petersen, J. & Winslow, M. (2010). University community engagement: The case of alternative interventions with juvenile offenders. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 14(3), 49-68.
2010Dayton, C. J., Levendosky, A. A., Davidson, W. S., & Bogat, G. A. (2010). The child as held in the mind of the mother: The influence of prenatal maternal representations on parenting behaviors. Infant Mental Health Journal, 31(2), 221-244.
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2008Thomas, O., Davidson, W. S., & McAdoo, H.M. (2008) An Evaluation Study of the Young Empowered Sisters (YES!) Program: Promoting Cultural Assets among African American Adolescent Girls through a Culturally Relevant School-Based Intervention. Journal of Black Psychology, Vol. 34, No. 3, 281-308 (2008)