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Foster-Fishman Pennie Foster-Fishman
Primary Program: Ecological-Community
125D Psychology
(517) 353-5015

Research Publications    
2012Yang, E., Foster-Fishman, P., Collins, C., & Ahn, S. (2012). Testing a comprehensive community problem solving framework for community coalitions. Journal of Community Psychology, 40, 681-698.
2011Foster-Fishman, P.G., & Droege, E. (In Press). Action research as systems change. In H.E. Fitzgerald, C. Burack, & S. Seifer (Eds.) Handbook of Engaged Scholarship: The Contemporary Landscape. Michigan State University Press.
2011Foster-Fishman, P. G., & Watson, E. R. (2011). The ABLe Change Framework: A Conceptual and Methodological Tool for Promoting Systems Change. American Journal of Community Psychology.
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2009Foster-Fishman, P. G., Pierce, S. J., & Van Egeren, L. a. (2009). Who Participates and Why: Building a Process Model of Citizen Participation. Health Education & Behavior : The Official Publication of the Society for Public Health Education, 36(3), 550-69.
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