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Danovitch Judith Danovitch
Assistant Professor
Primary Program: Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience
225B Psychology
(517) 432-3461

Research Statement

Dr. Danovitch’s research focuses on how children seek out, evaluate, and share information.

Recent projects have investigated the processes underlying young children's understanding of expertise, children's understanding of knowledge acquisition and decision-making, and how children think about technology-based information sources.

Other recent work focuses on the development of moral reasoning and disgust, and the development of intense special interests in children with autism.

Related Research Websites
Knowledge in Development Lab Our lab researches how children think about information in the world around them and how children seek out and evaluate knowledge throughout their development. We are interested in questions such as: (How do children decide where to look for answers?), (What kinds of information do children share with other people?), (How do children know when an answer is satisfactory?)

Research Publications    
2012Mills, C. M., Danovitch, J. H., Grants, M. G., & Elashi. F. B. (2012). Little pitchers use their big ears: Preschoolers solve problems by listening to others ask questions. Child Development, 83 (2), 568-580.
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2007Danovitch, J. H, & Keil, F. C. (2007). Choosing between hearts and minds: Children’s understanding of moral advisors. Cognitive Development, 22, 110-123.
2007Klin, A., Danovitch, J. H., Merz, A. B., & Volkmar, F. R. (2007). Circumscribed interests in higher-functioning individuals with autism spectrum disorders: an exploratory study and a theory. Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities, 32, 89-100.
2004Danovitch, J. H., & Keil, F. (2004). Should you ask a fisherman or a biologist?: Developmental shifts in ways of clustering knowledge. Child Development, 75, 918-931.