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Klump Kelly Klump
Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Clinical Psychology 1998
Masters University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Clinical Psychology 1996
Bachelors Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 1993
Primary Program: Clinical
107B Psychology
(517) 432-7281

Research Statement

The Klump lab studies the etiology of eating disorders. Dr. Klump is particularly interested in understanding developmental differences in genetic and biological risk factors across adolescence and adulthood, with a particular emphasis on the role of gonadal hormones and comorbid traits (e.g., personality traits) and disorders (e.g., mood and anxiety disorders).  Dr. Klump's lab approaches these research questions using a translational scientific framework that includes both human and animal studies.  

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Michigan State University Twin Registry In sum, the MSUTR research will allow for better understanding of the environmental, genetic and neurobiological factors that influence psychological functioning and behavior. Our research will aid in the identification of the origins of internalizing and externalizing symptoms, ultimately informing treatment and prevention efforts.

Research Publications    
2015Racine, S.A., Burt, S.A., Keel, P.K., Sisk, C.L., Neale, M.C., Boker, S., & Klump, K.L. (in press). Examining associations between negative urgency and key components of objective binge episodes. International Journal of Eating Disorders.
2015Culbert, K.M., Breedlove, S.M., Sisk, C.L., Keel, P.K., Neale, M.C., Boker, S.M., Burt, S.A., & Klump, K.L. (in press). Age differences in prenatal testosterone’s protective effects on disordered eating symptoms: Developmental windows of expression? Behavioral Neuroscience.
2015Culbert, K.M., Burt, S.A., Sisk, C.L., Nigg, J.T., & Klump, K.L. (in press). The effects of circulating testosterone and pubertal maturation on risk for disordered eating symptoms in adolescent males. Psychological Medicine.
2015Hildebrandt, B.A., Racine, S.A., Keel, P.K., Burt, S.A., Neale, M., Boker, S., Sisk, C.L., & Klump, K.L. (in press). The effects of ovarian hormones and emotional eating on changes in weight preoccupation across the menstrual cycle. International Journal of Eating Disorders.
2015Munn-Chernoff, M.A., Keel, P.K., Klump, K.L., Grant, J.D., Bucholz, K.K., Madden, P.A.F., Heath, A.C., & Duncan, A.E. (in press). Prevalence and familial influences on purging disorder in a community sample of female twins. International Journal of Eating Disorders.
2015Klump, K.L., Hildebrandt, B.A., O’Connor, S.M., Keel, P.K., Neale, M., Sisk, C.L., Boker, S., & Burt, S.A. (in press). Changes in genetic risk for emotional eating across the menstrual cycle: A longitudinal study. Psychological Medicine.
2014Slane, J.D., Klump, K.L., McGue, M., & Iacono, W.G. (2014). Genetic and environmental factors underlying comorbid bulimic behaviors and alcohol use disorders: A moderating role for the dysregulated personality cluster? European Eating Disorders Review, 22(3), 159-169.
2014Racine, S.E., Culbert, K.M., Burt, S.A., & Klump, K.L. (2014). Advanced paternal age at birth: Phenotypic and etiologic associations with eating pathology in offspring. Psychological Medicine, 44(5), 1029-1041.
2014Hildebrandt, B.A., Klump, K.L., Racine, S.E., & Sisk, C.L. (2014). Differential strain vulnerability to binge eating behaviors in rats. Physiology and Behavior, 127, 81-86.
2014Klump, K.L., Racine, S.E., Hildebrandt, B., Burt, S.A., Neale, M., Sisk, C.L., Boker, S., & Keel, P.K. (2014). Ovarian hormone influences on dysregulated eating: A comparison of associations between women with versus without binge episodes. Clinical Psychological Science, 2(5), 545-559.