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Buchanan NiCole Buchanan
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2002
Masters University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2000
Bachelors University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1995
Primary Program: Ecological-Community
105C Psychology
(517) 355-7677

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Research Publications    
2013Settles, I. H., Cortina, L. M., Buchanan, N. T., & Miner, K. (2013). Derogation, discrimination, and (dis)satisfaction with jobs in science: A gendered analysis. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 37, 179-191.
2013Buchanan, N. T., Bluestein, B. M., Nappa, A. C., Woods, K. C., & DePatie, M. M. (2013, advanced online publication). Exploring Gender Differences in Body Image, Eating Pathology, and Sexual Harassment. Body Image: An International Journal of Research.
2012Settles, I. H., Buchanan, N. T., & Colar, B. K. (2011). The impact of race and rank on the sexual harassment of Black and White men in the military. Psychology of Men & Masculinities, 13(3), 256-263.
2011Baker, T.A., Buchanan, N.T., Small, B. J., Hines, R. D., & Whitfield, K. E. (2011). Identifying the relationship between chronic pain, depression and life satisfaction in older African Americans. Research on Aging, 33(4), 426-443.
2011Settles, I. H., Harrell, Z. A. T., Buchanan, N. T., & Yap, S. C. Y. (2011). Fearful or bothered: Two types of sexual harassment appraisals. Social Psychological and Personality Science, , 2, 600-608.
2010Baker, T. A., Buchanan, N. T., Spencer, T. (2010). Disparities and social inequities: Is the health of African American women still in peril? Ethnicity & Disease, 20, 304-309.
2010Sosulski, M. R., Buchanan, N. T., & Donnell, C. (2010). Life history and narrative analysis: Feminist methodologies contextualizing Black women’s experiences with severe mental illness. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 37, 29-57.
2010Buchanan, N. T., Settles, I. H., Woods, K. C., & Colar, B. K. (2010). Sexual harassment of women employees. In M. A. Paludi & F. L. Denmark (Eds.), Victims of Sexual Assault and Abuse: Resources and Responses for Individuals and Families, Volume 1: Incidence and psychological dimensions (pp. 271-290). Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers.
2009Andrews, K. & Buchanan, N. T. (2009). Triple Jeopardy and Contemporary Feminist Therapy: When clients are Black, Female, and HIV Positive. In C. Raghavan, A. Edwards and K. M. Vaz (Eds.), Benefiting by Design: Women of Color in Feminist Psychological Research (pp. 34-43). Cambridge Scholars Press.
2009Anagnostopoulos, D., Buchanan, N. T., Pereira, C., & Lichty, L. F. (2009). School Staff Responses to Gender-Based Bullying: An Exploratory Study. Educational Policy, 23, 519-553.