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Nunez Antonio Nunez
Associate Dean, Graduate School
Primary Program: Behavioral Neuroscience
102 Giltner
(517) 355-0301 &353-9066

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MSU Rhythms Research Group The Rhythms Research Group at Michigan State University is a collection of Neuroscientists who share research interests, lab equipment and techniques. Members of the group benefit from their frequent interations and close collaborations. Our research focuses on the processes and mechanisms of biological rhythms of mammals.

Research Publications    
2008Bucci, D.J., Hopkins, M.E., Nunez, A.A., Breedlove, S.M., Sisk, C.L, and Nigg, J.T. (2008) Effects of sex hormones on associative learning in the spontaneously hypertensive rat. Physiology and Behavior 93:651-57.