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Ryan Ann Marie Ryan
Primary Program: Organizational
333 Psychology
(517) 353-8855

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The Diversity Research Group Dr. Ann Marie Ryan, Abdifatah A. Ali, Danielle D. King, Dia Chatterjee, Courtney Bryant, Danielle Gardner
On a broad level, we study diversity in the workplace. Specifically, we seek to understand how diversity interacts with other elements of the workplace, how and why members of various social identities manage their identity in a work context, the conditions under which certain identity management strategies are adopted, and the consequences of adopting such strategies. Our studies also focus on how diverse individuals experience discrimination in their attempts to enter and remain within the workforce and how this discrimination can be reduced. Currently, a number of our projects focus on the identity management strategies of job seekers of potentially stigmatized groups to answer questions such as: What strategies do individuals employ when they are concerned about facing discrimination in employment contexts? How do these strategies impact their job seeking behaviors? How do these strategies affect the effectiveness of their job search and employment outcomes? How can organizations design hiring processes to reduce the potential for unconscious bias and discrimination? We have completed or have in progress studies focusing on individuals from a diversity of backgrounds: female job applicants for male-dominated jobs, religious minorities (women who wear the hijab, Atheists) and majorities (Christian employees), individuals with physical and psychological disabilities, younger and older job-seekers, LGB employees, and others.
Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research PI: Dr. Frederick Leong
Our primary mission is to generate and apply psychological science to increase our understanding of multicultural issues in both domestic and international contexts.

Research Publications    
2014Double jeopardy upon resume screening: When Achmed is less employable than Aisha
2014Strategies of older and younger job seekers related to age-related stereotypes
2014Applying models of employee identity management across cultures: Christianity in the USA and South Korea
2014Should female applicants 'man up' for traditionally masculine fields? Effectiveness of two verbal identity management strategies
2013The detection and influence of problematic item content in ability tests: an examination of sensitivity review practices for personnel selection test development
2013Not welcome here: Discrimination towards headscarf wearing Muslim women
2013Religious discrimination in the workplace: a review and examination of current and future trends
2013Maybe too little but not too late: Four challenges for employment discrimination research in I-O
2012Sexual orientation harassment: when do observers intervene?
2012How do people react to stigma acknowledgement? Race and gender acknowledgment in the context of the 2008 presidential election.