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Smale Laura Smale
Primary Program: Behavioral Neuroscience
222 Giltner
(517) 432-1632

Research Statement

We are a research and teaching laboratory at Michigan State University, part of the Rhythms Group. Much of our research is aimed at understanding how the neural mechanisms underlying behavior are transformed as natural selection shapes the behavior patterns exhibited by animals. The focus is specifically on determining how the mechanisms controlling daily, or circadian rhythms  were altered as day-active mammals evolved from their night-active ancestors. We are also examining how rhythms, and their neural substrates, can differ across individuals within a species and how they can be modified within individuals as their environments change. Much of this work is being conducted in collaboration with people in the labs of two other members of the Rhythms Research Group at MSU, Dr. Antonio (Tony) Nunez and Dr. Lily Yan.

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MSU Rhythms Research Group The Rhythms Research Group at Michigan State University is a collection of Neuroscientists who share research interests, lab equipment and techniques. Members of the group benefit from their frequent interations and close collaborations. Our research focuses on the processes and mechanisms of biological rhythms of mammals.

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