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Academic Support

The Learning Resources Center (209-J Bessey Hall, 355-2363)
E-mail: lrc@msu.edu Web: lrc.msu.edu/

The LRC is a free academic support center for all MSU students that provides course specific tutoring help; seminars in critical reading and math; workshops in test taking skills, note taking strategies, learning styles, general study skills and time management.

The Writing Center (300 Bessey Hall, 432-3610)
E-mail: writing@msu.edu Web: writing.msu.edu
Grammar Hotline E-mail: grammar@msu.edu

Undergraduate Writing Consultants (UWCs) provide writing support to undergraduates, UWCs assist peers with brainstorming, drafting, revising, and editing their writing for courses across disciplines.

Office of Supportive Services (209 Bessey Hall, 353-5210)
E-mail: oss@msu.edu Web: oss.msu.edu

The OSS seeks to increase retention rates, facilitate academic successes, and enhance graduation rates among CAAP students; first generation and low income students, and students who meet other participant criteria. Tutoring is offered in writing, math and a list of other specific courses to students in the CAAP program, handicapper students, minority students, Pell Grant recipients, and students with a 2.5 or lower GPA.

Career and Placement Services

Career Services and Placement (113 Student Services Building, 355-9510, ext 380)
E-mail: careerservices@csp.msu.edu Web: http://careernetwork.msu.edu/

CSP assists students in career planning, employment searches, preparing resumes, mock interviews, workshops and a credential referral service.

College of Social Science Careers
E-mail: colem239@msu.edu Web: http://www.socialscience.msu.edu/students/social-science-undergraduates/career-services/

The CDC has up-to-date information on career options and employers, self-evaluation career tools and resource material on career choice, planning and strategies.

Service Learning Center (27 Student Services Building, 353-4400)
E-mail: servlrn@msu.edu Web: servicelearning.msu.edu

The SLC coordinates volunteer opportunities that allow students to integrate their course work with community service.

Additional Resources

Pre-professional Resource Center and Advising (102 N. Kedzie Hall, 355-4470)
Web: http://ns.msu.edu/index.php/students/preprofessional/

This office is for students interested in a professional career in Chiropractic, Dentistry, Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Podiatry, and Public Health.

The Counseling Center (207 Student Services Building, 355-8270)
Web: couns.msu.edu/

The Counseling Center offers short-term professional counseling and self-help resources to MSU students of all ages, with programs in personal counseling, career counseling, testing, self-management skills, multicultural issues, substance abuse recovery, sexual assault crisis and safety education, and a variety of support groups.

Ombudsperson, Dr. Bob Caldwell (129 N. Kedzie Hall, 353-8830)
E-mail: ombud@msu.edu Web: msu.edu/unit/ombud/

When you have a hassle with any part of the University and don't know where to turn for help, contact the University Ombudsman, a senior faculty member who assists students who have problems with faculty and administration. No miracles are promised, but he seeks resolutions that respect the integrity of all parties. The office is open throughout the year and is committed to accommodating all students.

Student Academic Affairs
SAA advisors monitor the academic progress of students, handle re-admission applications, initiate administrative actions, and sign other University forms.

SAA for Freshmen and Sophomores (Undergraduate University Division, UUD) msu.edu/dept/uud/
  • Office Campus & Center Campus students: 170 Bessey Hall, 355-3515
  • Brody Complex students: 109 Brody Hall, 353-3863
  • East Complex students: 229 East Akers, 353-6387
  • South Complex students: S33 Wonders, 353-1660

SAA for Juniors and Seniors (College of Social Science Student Affairs Office)
  • All Social Science students with 56+ credits: 201 Berkey Hall, 355-6676

The Testing Office (207 Student Services Building, 355-8385)
Web: couns.msu.edu/testing/

The Testing Office is a national test center and clearinghouse for registration information on many graduate and professional school entrance examinations. Many of the tests are administered by the Testing Office on nationally scheduled test dates.