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Research in the MSU Personality and Psychopathology Lab focuses on how personality and psychopathology relate to one another, how both relate to behavior and adaptivity, and how variables from each of these domains can best be conceptualized and measured in clinical assessment.

Personality is construed broadly to include variables ranging from traits to dynamic social processes, and in an integrative theoretical framework that draws upon interpersonal, trait, and psychoanalytic theories. We further assume that personality and psychopathology variables may vary in their relations to one another. For instance, high levels of some personality characteristics probably represent diatheses for mental disorders and behavioral dysfunction. Alternatively, some personality characteristics are importantly independent of psychopathology, but nevertheless informative for clinical practice. Personality variability may also represent an important marker for some disorders. We investigate each of these types of relations and their meaning for clinical practice.

Our lab also researches the psychometric properties of psychological assessment methods, as well as how multiple methods provide incremental information for conceptualizing cases. Finally, we are interested in clinical interventions generally and the therapeutic benefits of psychological assessment in particular.

Christopher J. Hopwood, Ph.D., Director
107A Psychology, Michigan State University
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