Journal publications

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Book chapters

  • J.W. Brascamp (2015) Binocular rivalry and other forms of visual bistability. In: Behavioural methods in consciousness research. M.S. Overgaard (ed.). Oxford University Press.

  • J.W. Brascamp and D.H. Baker (2013) Psychophysics of binocular rivalry. In: The constitution of consciousness. S.M. Miller (ed.). John Benjamins Publishing Company.

PhD thesis

  • J.W. Brascamp (2008) Perception of ambiguous images within temporal context. pdf

Publications in popular media

  • J.W. Brascamp (2009) Invloeden van onbewust geheugen op visuele waarneming [Influences of implicit memory on visual perception]. Tijdschrift voor Neuropsychiatrie en Gedragsneurologie, 8(5): 115-118.