Admissions Interview Day Diversity and Student Life Panel

Our program hosts a Diversity and Student Life panel discussion during our Graduate Admissions Interview Day.

Graduate students organize and facilitate the panel discussion about diversity in our clinical program, at MSU, and in the surrounding community. Applicants are encouraged to ask questions about diversity issues (e.g., “What is the climate for Asian students in this program?”, “Are there sufficient numbers of Black students to conduct my research on depression with this population?” “Are there opportunities to conduct therapy with Spanish-speaking clients in the clinic?”). The panel also addresses general questions about life in graduate school (e.g., "What is a typical day for a graduate student in this program?", "What is the work-life balance like?", "What are some fun activities to do around the East Lansing area?"). Post-interview evaluations have shown that applicants appreciated the open forum to discuss these issues and learn about the high value our program places on diversity, diversity training, and student life issues.