The Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research (CMPR)

The clinical program is also a proud supporter of the Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research (CMPR). CMPR’s mission is to “generate and apply psychological science to increase our understanding of multicultural issues in both domestic and international contexts.” 

The Consortium facilitates student and faculty research activities across the department and across the globe. In addition to its vast research networks, CMPR houses several research datasets that include multiculturally relevant variables and a significant number of individuals from different cultural, racial, and ethnic groups. These data archives allow students and faculty to conduct research with populations that may otherwise be difficult to access. 

In October 2013, the MSU Clinical Psychology Program co-sponsored CMPR’s 2013 MSU Symposium on Multicultural Psychology on the “Clinical Psychology of Ethnic Minorities”. This symposium focused on mental health disparities across people of color in the United States. Speakers included international experts in the field including Guillermo Bernal (the University of Puerto Rico), Nolan Zane (the University of California, Davis), Stanley Sue (Palo Alto University), and Laura Kohn-Wood (the University of Miami). 

Finally, in addition to all of the CMPR events described above, the Consortium also hosts an Annual Distinguished Lecture that highlights the work of world-renowned multicultural researchers including Drs. Hazel Markus (Stanford University), James Jackson (the University of Michigan), and Stanley Sue (Palo Alto University). The Consortium also hosts an APA Advanced Training Institute that offers week-long trainings on topics such as Methodologies for Investigating Treatment Outcomes with Culturally Diverse Populations, Culture and Neuroscience, Methodological Strategies, and Genomic Research in Ethnic Minority Communities.