Bybee Deborah Square
  • Building: Psychology
  • Office: 139A
  • Phone: (517) 353-5015

Deborah Bybee vita


PhD, , Michigan State University, 1985
MS, , Michigan State University, 1980
BS, , University of Missouri, 1973

Research Statement

Dr. Bybee is Professor of Ecological/Community Psychology who specializes in research design and statistical methodology. Her work focuses on the application of multivariate techniques to understand complex, real-world phenomena, especially those that involve change over time. Her substantive interests include violence against women, trauma, and mental health.

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Selected Publications

  • Greeson, M., Kennedy, A.C., Bybee, D.I., Beeble, M., Adams, A.E., & Sullivan, C.M.
    Beyond deficits: Intimate partner violence, maternal parenting, and child behavior over time
    2014, American Journal of Community Psychology, 54:46-58
  • Adams, A.E., Tolman, R.M., Bybee, D., Sullivan, C.M., & Kennedy, A.C.
    The impact of intimate partner violence on low-income women's economic well-being: The mediating role of job stability
    2012, Violence Against Women, 18:1345-1367
  • Beeble, M. L., Bybee, D., & Sullivan, C. M.
    Main, mediating and moderating effects of socal support on the well-being of survivors of intimate partner violence across two years
    2009, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 77:718-729
  • Goodkind, S., Ruffolo, M., Bybee, D., & Sarri, R.
    Relationships between depressive symptoms and abuse, support, and coping behaviors in girls involved or at risk of involvement in the juvenile justice system
    2009, Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice Journal, 7:100-118
  • Kubiak, S. P., Beeble, M. L., & Bybee, D.
    Using the K6 to assess the mental health of jailed women
    2009, Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 48:296-313
  • Campbell, R., Patterson, D., Bybee, D., Dworkin, E. R.
    Predicting sexual assault prosecution outcomes: The role of medical forensic evidence collected by sexual assault nurse examiners (SANEs)
    2009, Criminal Justice and Behavior, 3:712-727
  • Tolman, R., Himle, J., Hoffman, Van Etten-Lee, Bybee, D., & Abelson, J.
    Impact of social anxiety disorder on employment among women receiving welfare benefits
    2009, Psychiatric Services, 60:61-66
  • Altschul, I., Oyserman, D., & Bybee, D.
    Racial-ethnic self-schemas and segmented assimilation: Identity and the academic achievement of Hispanic youth
    2008, Social Psychology Quarterly, 71:302-320
  • Adams, A. E., Sullivan, C. M., Bybee, D., & Greeson, M.
    Development of the Scale of Economic Abuse
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  • Kahng, S., Oyserman, D., Bybee, D., & Mowbray, C.T.
    Mothers with serious mental illness: When symptoms decline does parenting improve?
    2008, Journal of Family Psychology, 22:162-166
  • Adams, A.E., Sullivan, C.M., Bybee, D., & Greeson, M.
    Development of the Scale of Economic Abuse
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  • Beeble, M. L., Post, L. A., Bybee, D., Sullivan, C. M.
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    2008, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 23:1713-1729
  • Fleury-Steiner, R.E., Bybee, D., Sullivan, C.M., Belknap, J., & Melton, H.C.
    Contextual factors impacting battered women’s intentions to re-use the criminal legal system
    2006, Journal of Community Psychology, 34:327-342
  • Anderson, D.K., Saunders, D.G, Yoshihama, M., Bybee, D.I., & Sullivan, C.M.
    Long-term trends in depression among women separated from abusive partners
    2003, Violence Against Women, 9:807-838
  • Bybee, D.I., & Sullivan, C.M.
    The process through which a strengths-based intervention resulted in positive change for battered women over time
    2002, American Journal of Community Psychology, 30:103-132
  • Sutherland, C.A., Bybee, D.I., & Sullivan, C.
    Beyond bruises and broken bones: The joint effects of stress and injuries on battered women’s health
    2002, American Journal of Community Psychology, 30:609-636
  • Sullivan, C.M., Nguyen, H., Allen, N., Bybee, D., & Juras, J.
    Beyond searching for deficits: Evidence that physically and emotionally abused women are nurturing parents
    2001, Journal of Emotional Abuse, 2:51-71
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