Carlos Navarrete vita

Associate Professor

PhD, Biological Anthropology, University of California Los Angeles, 2004
MA, Biological Anthropology, California State University, 1999
BS, History, University of California, 1996

Research Statement

Research Interests: Evolutionary psychology; Prejudice and discrimination; Morality; Minority underachievement and temporal discounting; Gender, race and mate choice; Cooperation and conflict in intergroup contexts.

Related Programs

Selected Publications

  • Holbrook, C., Fessler, D., & Navarrete, C.D.
    Looming large in others' eyes: Racial stereotypes illuminate dual adaptations for representing threat versus prestige as physical size
    2016, Evolution & Human Behavior, 37:67-78
  • Hoffman, M., Yoel, E. & Navarrete, C.D.
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  • Tybur, J. & Navarrete, C.D.
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    2016, Psychology Press: NY
  • McDonald, M. & Navarrete, C.D.
    Examining the link between conception risk and intergroup bias: The importance of conceptual coherence
    2015, Psychological Science, 26:253-255
  • Tybur, J., & Navarrete, C.D.
    When theory trumps ideology: Lessons from evolutionary psychology. [Peer commentary on “Political Diversity Will Improve Social Psychological Science.” by Duarte, J., Crawford, J. Stern, C., Haidt, J., Jussim, L., & Tetlock, P.]
    2015, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 38:40-41
  • McDonald, M., Cesario, J., Donnellan, B., & Navarrete, C.D.
    Mate choice preferences in an intergroup context: Evidence for a threat-management system among women
    2015, Evolution & Human Behavior, 36:438-445
  • Molapour T., Golkar A., Navarrete C.D., Haaker J., & Olsson A.
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  • Cesario, J. & Navarrete, C.D.
    Perceptual bias in threat distance: The critical roles of ingroup support and target evaluations in defensive threat regulation
    2014, Social Psychological and Personality Science, 5:12-17
  • Fessler, D., Pisor, A., & Navarrete, C.D.
    Negatively-biased credulity and the cultural evolution of beliefs
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  • Navarrete, C.D. & McDonald, M.
    Sexual selection and the psychology of intergroup conflict. In Shackelford, T. & Hansen, R. (Eds.)
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    2012, Behavioral & Brain Sciences, 36:
  • Navarrete, C.D., McDonald, M., Mott, M., & Asher, B.
    Virtual Morality: Emotion and Action in a Simulated 3-D Trolley Problem
    2012, Emotion, 12:365-370
  • Navarrete, C.D., McDonald, M., Asher, B., Yokota, K., Olsson, A., Kerr, N., & Sidanius, J.
    Fear is readily associated with an out-group face in a minimal group context
    2012, Evolution & Human Behavior, 22:590-593
  • McDonald, M., Donnellan, B., & Navarrete, C.D
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  • McDonald, M., Asher, B., Kerr, N., & Navarrete, C.D.
    Fertility and intergroup bias in racial and in minimal group contexts: Evidence for shared architecture
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  • Snyder, J., Fessler, D., Tiokhin, L., Frederick, D., Lee, S., & Navarrete, C.D.
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  • Navarrete, C.D., McDonald, M., Mott, M., Cesario, J., & Sapolsky, R.
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  • Kirkpatrick, L. & Navarrete, C.D.
    Target Article: ‘Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’: A critique of terror management theory from an evolutionary perspective
    2006, Psychological Inquiry, 17:288-298
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