Deborah Kashy CV


PhD, Social Psychology, University of Connecticut, 1991
MA, Statistics, University of Connecticut, 1990
MA, Social Psychology, University of Connecticut, 1988
BS, Psychology, Highest Honors, University of Texas at Austin, 1986

Research Statement

Research Interests: Models of interdependence; Techniques for analyzing non-independent data from dyads and groups; Multilevel modeling for over-time and group data; Levels of analysis; Statistical Methods

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Selected Publications

  • Hagiwara, N., Kashy, D. A., & Cesario, J.
    The independent effects of skin tone and facial features on Whites' affective reactions to Blacks
    2012, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48:892-898
  • Kashy, D. K., Donnellan, M. B., Burt, S. A., & McGue, M.
    Growth curve models for indistinguishable dyads using multilevel modeling and structural equation modeling: The case of adolescent twin’s conflict with their mothers
    2008, Developmental Psychology, 44:316-329
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