Allison Gornik


BA, Psychology, New College of Florida, 2014
MA, Clinical Psychology, Michigan State University, 2016

Research Statement

Allison Gornik is a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program at Michigan State University.  She graduated from New College of Florida in 2014 with a B.A. in Psychology, and received her M.A. from MSU in 2016.  Broadly, she is interested in multi-method, multi-informant assessment in identifying predictors and distal outcomes of children's change over time, with can include patterns of change over the course of a day or from early childhood through young adulthood.  She has a particular focus on the role of temperament traits, emotion understanding, and parental psychopathology in the emergence and trajectories of problem behaviors and subsequent distal outcomes.  In addition, Allison is interested in children's reports of their internal experiences and what these understandings might mean.  She focuses on informant discrepancies between children's, parents', and teachers' perceptions of these experiences and internal states, which includes identifying factors leading to increased discrepancies as well as identifying which informants provide information on functioning that predicts later outcomes.  Allison has a particular interest in longitudinal modeling, and has taken a multi-method approach to her work, utilizing self- and informant-reports, laboratory-based assessment, neuropsychological assessment, naturalistic observation, and ecological momentary assessment.

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