Resources for Current Students

Program Policies

Students in the Ecological-Community Psychology program are governed by the policies and procedures in the program handbook effective in the year they entered the program, or may choose to be governed by the policies and procedures in the current program handbook.

The current program handbook (effective in 2017) is available here.

The 2016 program handbook is available here.

For earlier versions of the program handbook, please contact the program chair.

Sources of funding

Most graduate students receive funding as Research Assistants (RAs) or Teaching Assistants (TAs), which are coordinated by your advisor and the program/department before the start of each semester. However, there are also a number of other funding opportunities available:

Specializatons, Certificates, & Career Development Opportunities

There are many different specializations & certificates that graduate students can pursue alongside their Community Psychology PhD. You should consult with your advisor to identify the ones that might be the most appropriate, but here is a partial list of some possibilities:


Ecological-Community Psychology Resource Guide - A comprehensive guide to the resources for graduate students in the ECO program and at MSU.

Questions to help students evaluate program and advisor fit