Behavior Genetics Lab - Neighborhood Informant Study

Behavior Genetics Lab - Neighborhood Informant Study

start: 2017-11-27

Currently hiring for Spring 2018!

The primary aim of Dr. Burt's lab is to examine developmental differences in genetic, environmental, and neurobiological influences on internalizing (e.g., depression) and externalizing (e.g., acting out behaviors) symptoms. Specifically, Dr. Burt is interested in studying the role of gene-environment interplay in the development of aggressive and rule-breaking behaviors (collectively referred to as antisocial behaviors) in children and adolescents. The primary aim of the Neighborhood Informant Study is to examine measured environmental risk factors and candidate genes to determine if and how the impact of neighborhood context interacts with genetic risk in the development of delinquent and aggressive behaviors in adolescent twin pairs.  Find out more about our research on our website.  

Requirements include:
1. At least a 3.2 GPA
2. Available 5-10 hours/week
3. Able to make a one-year commitment to the lab

Benefits of working in the lab
1. Research experience in a psychology lab
2. Opportunity to present an independent project at UURAF in the Spring
3. A letter of recommendation (after 3 semesters) 
4. Exposure to graduate students and graduate school in clinical psychology

Lab Duties
1. Data entry
2. Various clerical duties, including making copies, assembling research materials
3. Prepping mailings and payments 

Please note that these are volunteer, unpaid positions or for PSY 490/491 credit.

If interested, please contact Brooke Slawinski at