Child Twin Video Coding Lab

Child Twin Video Coding Lab

start: 2017-08-30

Currently hiring for Summer 2018!

The Child Twin Video Coding Team is part of the larger Twin Study of Behavioral and Emotional Development, directed by Dr. Alexandra Burt. Her research focuses on developmental differences in genetic, environmental, and neurobiological influences on internalizing (e.g., depression) and externalizing (e.g., aggression) symptoms. Specifically, Dr. Burt is interested in studying the role of gene-environment interplay in the development of aggressive and rule-breaking behaviors (collectively referred to as antisocial behaviors). One environmental factor that may play a role in the development of antisocial behaviors is parenting. Find out more about our research on our website.

Responsibilities for this project involve:

1.      Watching videos of children and their parents draw pictures on an Etch a Sketch

2.      Scoring the videos based on certain behaviors

3.      Maintaining scoring reliability with other video coders

4.      Minimal data entry



1.      12-month commitment (including summer availability)

2.      Must be able to work up to 8 hours per week

3.      At least a 3.0 GPA

4.      Attendance of a weekly lab meeting during training

5.      Must be dependable, self-motivated, and detail-oriented


More Details:

1.      No experience necessary

2.      Very flexible hours

3.      Eligible to ask for a letter of recommendation from Dr. Burt after you have completed the 12-month requirement

4.      Great way to gain research experience for graduate school!

If interested contact Justin Bennett (