Digital Behavior Study - Twitter Coding

Digital Behavior Study - Twitter Coding

Currently hiring for Spring 2018!

The Twitter Coding Team is part of Digital Behavior Study (DBS), directed by Dr. Alexandra Burt. The primary aim of this project is to examine social media use by college students. Specifically, Dr. Burt is interested in studying the relationship between social media use, personality, and behavior.

Responsibilities for this project involve:

  1. Reading and coding Tweets
  2. Maintaining reliability with other Twitter coders
  3. Minimal data entry and/or various clerical duties when required


  1. A full year (12-month) commitment
  2. Must be able to work up to 8-10 hours per week
  3. At least a 3.2 GPA
  4. Attendance of a weekly lab meeting
  5. Must be dependable, self-motivated, and detail-oriented

What you get out of working in our lab:

  1. Eligible to ask for a letter of recommendation from Dr. Burt after you have completed the 12-month requirement
  2. Great way to gain research experience for graduate school and what programs are like – we host several talks and workshops, including grad school talk!
  3. You may also receive PSY 490 or PSY 491 credit if you are interested
  4. Opportunities to work on independent research projects

More Details:

  1. No experience necessary
  2. Very flexible hours

If interested, please contact Mikayla Kim (