The core coursework for a member of the honors program is selected from a set of regular courses or honors sections of those courses. Honors sections are typically smaller, limited in enrollment to members of the Honors College, and taught in a more challenging manner than their non-honors counterparts.  Honors students may also ask the instructor of a regular course if they can do an Honors Option for the class. More information and examples of Honor's Options are available on the Honors College website.

Psychology Introduction

 An introduction to the discipline is provided through Psychology 101H. This course provides an integrated framework for further study of the basic processes of psychology, the techniques and logic of scientific inquiry in this field, and the uses to which such knowledge may be applied.


These Psychology courses rotate being taught as Honors Courses*: 

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
PSY 200HCognitive Psychology3
PSY 209HBrain and Behavior3
PSY 244HDevelopmental Psychology: Infancy through Childhood3
PSY 235HSocial Psychology3
PSY 255HIndustrial and Organizational Psychology3
PSY 280HAbnormal Psychology3
*Not all of these courses are taught as Honors sections each year.


Psychology Honors Courses are open to all Honors students.  Honors sections are identified in the Schedule of Courses by an "H" following the course number or section number.  Honors students have priority scheduling and should plan appropriately to make sure that they add their courses when the system opens up.