Friendship Club & The Parent Wellness Group

Friendship Club is a group for children aged 8 to 12 years with high-functioning autism or related conditions that cause difficulty with social interactions. This group focuses on building knowledge and practicing skills which are important prerequisites for building friendships. Through participation in this group, children will learn to recognize and cope with various emotions, think and behave flexibility,compromise and navigate conflicts, and set goals for themselves at home or in school using evidence-based strategies. 

The Parent Wellness Group is a structured support group for parents of children with Autism and similar diagnoses. The group offers parents the opportunity to discuss issues directly related to raising a child on the spectrum. Through participation in the group, parents learn skills such as advocacy, mindfulness, resource building, and behavior activation. They are given opportunities to practice these skills, gain resources, and create a network and support system with other parents in the group.

The above two groups run concurrently - parents participate in one while their child is in the other. The groups meet once weekly for approximately 15 weeks. The group is supervised by Dr. Brooke Ingersoll.


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Getting Back Up Again (GBA)

GBA is an 8-week cognitive-behavioral based group, designed to service young teens who have experienced negative peer interactions, bullying, or stress in social relationships. Skill-building components include units on stress management, mindfulness, assertiveness training, as well as on building self-confidence, choosing good friends, and staying safe online. The group is held weekly at MSU and supervised by Dr. Natalie Moser. 


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