From Our Alumni




I loved the graduate program at MSU. I felt grateful because it is a star-studded cast of faculty that mentored me, taught my classes, and prepared me for what was next. I think a lot of how I've modeled my mentorship style, research, and project management skills are based on the things that I saw faculty doing there at Michigan State.

Danielle King, Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology

I do not think I fully appreciated how many opportunities I had to learn from true experts while at MSU. Now that I have been on the other side trying to recruit people for my own research team, it has become clear to me that many graduate schools do not provide a level of training in methods and statistics that even comes close to what you can get at MSU just by knocking on a few people's doors.

Edward Witt, Ph.D. in Social and Personality

My professors did a really great job of not just teaching us the important things we need to know from the research and textbooks, but also taking it one step further and helping us apply it in real world organizations and environments. To learn the theory and how to apply it to the real world was extremely helpful. I walked away with the understanding of why but also with the skill-set and experience to apply it.

Jacob Bradburn, Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology