Jan Brascamp

Jan Brascamp vita

Assistant Professor

PhD, Neurobiology, Utrecht University, 2008
MS, Biology, Wageningen University, 2001
BS, Biology, Wageningen University, 1999

Research Statement

Research in my lab focuses on the neural processes of interpretation and selection that allow sensation (the retinas detecting light) to turn into conscious visual perception (seeing). We approach this topic using a diverse array of techniques from psychology and neuroscience, including psychophysics, brain imaging (fMRI), computational modeling, eye tracking and brain stimulation (TMS). For more information see our website (link on the left).

Selected Publications

  • J.W. Brascamp and M. Naber
    Eye tracking under dichoptic viewing conditions: a practical solution
    2016, Behavior Research Methods, 10:3758
  • J.W. Brascamp, R. Blake and T.H.J. Knapen
    Negligible fronto-parietal BOLD activity accompanying unreportable switches in bistable perception
    2015, Nature Neuroscience, 18:1672-8
  • J.W. Brascamp, P.C. Klink, with a contribution from W.J.M. Levelt
    The 'laws' of binocular rivalry: 50 years of Levelt's propositions
    2015, Vision Research, 109:20-37
  • R. Blake, J.W. Brascamp and D.J. Heeger
    Can binocular rivalry reveal neural correlates of consciousness?
    2014, Philosophical Transactions B, 369:20130211
  • J.W. Brascamp and R. Blake
    Inattention abolishes binocular rivalry: perceptual evidence
    2012, Psychological Science, 23:1159-1167
  • J.W. Brascamp, R. Kanai, V. Walsh and R. van Ee
    Human middle temporal cortex, perceptual bias, and perceptual memory for ambiguous three-dimensional motion
    2010, The Journal of Neuroscience, 30:760-766
  • J. Pearson and J.W. Brascamp
    Sensory memory for ambiguous vision
    2008, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 12:334-341
  • more publications