Taosheng Liu

Associate Professor

PhD, Cognitive Psychology, Columbia University, 2001
MA, Cognitive Psychology, Columbia University, 1998
BS, Biological Science, University of Science and Technology of China, 1994

Research Statement

My primary research interest is in visual selective attention. Selection occurs at many levels of information processing and it prioritizes the processing of task-relevant information and guides the choice and implementation of action. In addition to visual attention, I am also interested in two related topics: visual working memory and decision making. Working memory allows one to temporarily hold information for task execution, while decision making uses such information to form a choice. Thus information is selected by attention, maintained by working memory, and ultimately processed to yield choice behavior. In this view, attention, working memory, and decision making are intimately related which form the key processes from perception to action. I am interested in the computational and neural mechanisms of these psychological functions.

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Selected Publications

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  • more publications