Thank you for your interest in the Psychology graduate program.

Please read through the information below carefully and contact one of the individuals listed below if you have remaining specific questions regarding one of the programs we offer here. 

We are currently accepting applications for admission in Fall of 2020, and the application period will close on December 1st, 2019. We only admit for the Fall semester of each year, unfortunately there is no admission for spring or summer semesters. Our department website holds answers to the majority of questions that we receive in the application period. 

We are only requesting applicants to upload a "Statement of Purpose/Intent" in place of the academic and personal statements. There is no word limit. We do not want you to upload any personal or academic statements. The application is a University wide application and we cannot personalize it to remove the option to type in the statements or the upload option. You upload the statement of purpose/intent in the same location you add your letter writers email addresses- the Graduate Education Portal.
One important piece of information is that we do not offer terminal masters degrees, and we do not offer an online PhD option for any of the 6 programs in our department.  
The first link is to our prospective student section on our website:    Here you will find information regarding applying for admission, graduate student life and GRE info

PAYING FOR YOUR DEGREE: Any student admitted to our program receives guaranteed funding with a Graduate Assistantship for 4 years. The graduate program here is a full-time program, and students work as graduate assistants for 20 hours a week, receiving a stipend and tuition coverage. 
This link is for the programs section of our website:   Here you will find more detailed information regarding each of the six programs we offer and requirements: Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical, Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience, Ecological/Community, Organizational & Social/ Personality.

The Ecological-Community Doctoral Program is not accepting students for the 2020-2021 academic year

Program admission chairs:

Clinical Psychology: Brooke Ingersoll -
Organizational Psychology: Chris Nye -  
Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience: Susan Ravizza -
Behavioral Neuroscience: Joseph Lonstein -
Ecological/Community Psychology: see note above
Social/Personality Psychology: Jennifer Neal -

If you are wondering whether your transcript and/or GRE scores have been received, the best way to check is to log in to your Graduate Education Student Portal and monitor the progress of your application and view what documents I have uploaded. Once I receive your official transcript, I will upload it to your application and you will see it in your list of “file uploads”. For this reason, I will not be responding to emails requesting the status transcripts. Please send your transcripts to Brooke Rosek in the Psychology department: 316 Physics Rd, Room 240E, East Lansing, MI 48824. Official electronic transcripts are acceptable if they come from the University or a transcript service and can be sent to me at

Per MSU policy, GRE scores will not show up on your application until you have paid your application fee. Therefore your application will be considered incomplete until the application fee has been paid.  Our programs do not use a "cutoff" GRE score as part of the admissions process. Please contact the main admissions office with inquiries regarding receiving your GRE score, since these do not come to my office and I do not upload/apply them to applications personally - (517) 355-8332 MSU Admissions. 

The GRE scores should be scheduled to be sent from ETS to the department using the Institution Code 1465 and the Department Code 2001

Once your application is submitted you can log in to your Graduate Education Student portal to register you letter writers/recommenders with their name and email address.  They will receive a link when you register them as a recommender. However you should give them a heads up prior to submitting their information so that they are prepared to upload their letter by the application deadline. 

Our department supports our students with research or teaching assistantships, so financial proof is not required. Any student admitted to our program receives guaranteed funding with a Graduate Assistantship for 4 years. So you do not need to provide any proof, if you are admitted I enter the amount of money the Graduate Assistantship provides. MSU requires the equivalent of a four year US bachelor’s degree for admission to graduate programs (master’s or doctoral programs). High scholastic standing and suitable preparation for the intended field of study are also considered. Normally, Michigan State University does not accept three-year bachelor’s degrees, diplomas or certificates as comparable to a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree. A three-year bachelor’s degree plus a two-year master’s degree, earned at official, governmentally-recognized institutions in India or Europe (Bologna Process countries) MSU views as equivalent to a four year US bachelor’s degree.

The following links contain information concerning English Language Competency tests, scores, waivers, degree equivalency, Visa Information, and non-English transcripts.

Please note: All translations must be based on official academic records, and done either by a certified, official translator in the home country where the docs were issued, or by the issuing institution, or by an American Translator’s Association ( certified translation agency if translated in the US, like 7clingo. To be deemed official, translations must be mailed in official, sealed envelope(s) directly to our department. 

We do NOT accept credentials that have been evaluated by a third party, like a credential evaluation company (e.g., WES, etc.).
Faculty Members Accepting Students for Fall Semester 2020:
If you are interested in working with a particular faculty member and want to know if they are accepting students for Fall 2020, please contact them directly to inquire whether or not they are accepting students. Here is a link to our department directory, where most faculty should have updated CV’s and information regarding the focus of their research.
Unfortunately our department does not offer application fee waivers. You may visit the Big 10 Academic Alliance to see if you are eligible and to apply for a waiver here under resources for students: