Introducing New Graduate Student Asher Denny

August 3, 2023 - Shelly DeJong

Asher Denny smiles while standing in front of a brick wallName: Asher Denny (he/him)

Hometown: Columbus, IN

Undergrad: Purdue University '22 / Psychology Major

MSU Research Area: Organizational Psychology


Tell us about your background!

During my time in undergrad and for the next few months afterward, I contributed to multiple research projects and worked my own focusing on cultural awareness. After that I spent some time as a social worker while I continued work on my project.

Why grad school?

I enjoy the process of research and felt that I could develop on a professional/personal level in grad school. It seems like a great opportunity to meet like-minded folk, discuss interesting topics, and build a career.

What do you hope to research while you're here?

There are a lot of topics that I'm interested in, but a major interest of mine is researching ways to detect and mitigate discrimination in the workplace. Specifically in hiring practices and organizational structure.

What do you love about Organizational Psychology?

I like that Organizational Psychology has the potential to have direct practical impact on the work environment while maintaining a lot of interesting theoretical issues to focus on. I also enjoy the availability of multidisciplinary work.

In your free time, what do you like to do?

I like to do jiu-jitsu/ kickboxing, read, play video games, and practice piano.