Amy Arguello

Amy   Arguello
  • Assistant Professor
  • Behavioral Neuroscience


Curriculum Vitae: Amy Arguello


PhD, Division of Basic Sciences, Neuroscience Program, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, TX, 2009 
BS, Biology, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, TX, 2004


Arguello Lab


The main goal of the Arguello Lab is to examine how neural substrates and subcircuits promote drug relapse. Specifically, we are interested in the interaction between the lateral orbitofrontal cortex and basolateral amygdala and how these regions contribute to cue-induced relapse. The lab utilizes multidisciplinary approaches to answer these questions, including western blotting, immunohistochemistry, in vivo viral and optogenetic manipulations, in combination with a rodent model of drug relapse.