Blair Burnette

Blair  Burnette
  • Assistant Professor
  • Clinical Science


PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University

MS, Virginia Commonwealth University

BA, Kenyon College


Broadly, I study the social, cultural, and environmental forces that shape how we feel about eating and our bodies. Recently, I have been interested in how aspects of disadvantage increase the risk for and maintain disordered eating (e.g., food insecurity/discrimination), and disrupt timely, effective intervention.

Additionally, I study the outcomes of weight bias embedded within healthcare settings, including healthcare avoidance, doctor shopping, treatment recommendations/diagnoses, and mental and physical health markers.

Finally, I am particularly interested in the social and biological determinants of intuitive eating and investigating how to make intuitive eating inclusive and accessible. Ultimately, I am an applied researcher and all of this work is aimed at informing the development of multi-level interventions that help make the world a more hospitable/equitable place to eat and have a body.