Nathan T. Carter

Nathan T. Carter
  • Professor
  • Organizational Psychology


Nathan T. Carter (Ph.D., Bowling Green State University, 2011) is a Professor of Psychology in the Organizational Psychology area. His interests are largely centered around the role of personality and other individual differences such as attitudes and interests in determining work behavior and employees’ sense of well-being. His work utilizing cutting-edge analytic techniques to show that the personality traits known to best predict job performance (e.g., conscientiousness) can in fact be non-optimal when too extreme was funded by the National Science Foundation and has won multiple national awards. His more recent work has focused on how concepts such as job satisfaction and performance behavior can be better understood as complex systems of interacting thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Nathan is also interested in decision-making in employee selection and attraction, the history of work, the history of applied psychology, and psychological measurement in the context of work teams.

 The Applied Psychometric Research Group

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