Christophe Delay

Christophe  Delay
  • Graduate Student
  • Clinical Science


MS, Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Michigan State University, 2024 (expected)

BS, Psychology, UC San Diego, 2019


Curriculum Vitae: Christophe Delay

Clinical Neuroscience Lab


Although schizophrenia is a rare diagnosis affecting 1.1% of the US population, it is a highly debilitating mental illness with significant occupational, social, and functional consequences. Hearing voices and having strong delusional beliefs are commonly what people associate with schizophrenia. But other common symptoms, like the absence of motivation, interest, and social interaction or verbal and emotional expression, represent the greatest predictor of quality of life.

My research aims to clarify the mechanisms that lead to the development of these symptoms, known as negative symptoms. Specifically, we utilize pupillometry (the measure of pupil dilation and constriction), a feasible and easy to use measure of internal functioning that may provide insight into how these symptoms develop.

As it stands, my current project aims to measure pupil dilation as a predictor of negative symptoms in both individuals with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.  I hope to strengthen our understanding of how these symptoms develop and how best to treat them across the psychosis spectrum.