Alytia Levendosky

Alytia  Levendosky
  • Professor
  • Clinical Science


PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Michigan, 1995 
MA, Clinical Psychology, University of Michigan, 1992 
BA, Biological Antrhopology, Magna Cum Laude, Harvard-Radcliffe College, 1987


Curriculum Vitae: Alytia Levendosky


Dr. Levendosky's primary program of research is devoted to understanding the intergenerational transmission of domestic violence and the risk and protective factors for women and children exposed to domestic violence. She is particularly interested in the early mother-child relationship, beginning during pregnancy, and how that may be a vehicle for this intergenerational transmission. As part of her program of research, she examines physiological factors, behavioral factors, as well as relational factors, including attachment in her investigations of the mechanisms through which violence and its effects are transmitted from parent to child.