William Scott

William  Scott
  • Graduate Student
  • Organizational Psychology


Entered the program in the Fall 2020 Semester.

B.S. in Psychology, Texas A&M University, May 2020

M.A. in Organizational Psychology, Michigan State University, December 2022

Curriculum Vitae: William Scott


I am broadly interested in the factors affecting employee well-being, mental health, and the quality of work overall. I continue to be interested in all aspects of organizational justice and fairness, with particular focus on contributive justice and how this justice integrates with employee experiences of diversity, equity, and inclusion at work. 

Recently, I have started to focus more on areas such as workplace dignity and indignity, decent work, psychological need fulfillment, meaningful work and tasks, and human-centered work climates. I enjoy researching these areas because they incorporate humanistic and positive psychology principles that are much needed to understand today's work environment and protect vulnerable populations while also bolstering a sense of community/common good which can be at times lacking in our newly technology dominated world. I believe it is important to bring these areas further into mainstream I/O and Management literatures, as they can be crucial aspects of an employee's well-being and job satisfaction/work engagement that can often go overlooked or taken for granted.