Ted Schwaba

Ted  Schwaba
  • Assistant Professor
  • Social / Personality


PhD, Psychology, UC Davis, 2021

MS, Psychology, UC Davis, 2017

BS, Psychology / Communications Studies, Northwestern University, 2014



Curriculum Vitae: Ted Schwaba



How and why do our personalities develop across the lifespan? I investigate this question from different angles. Currently, I’m researching the following:

Personality Genomics
How do the A, C, T, and Gs of our DNA predict our personality traits? I’m the lead analyst for the Revived Genomics of Personality Consortium, a collaborative effort to link genetic variants to personality differences, and I also build tools to study patterns of genetic sharing with Genomic Structural Equation Modeling.

Lifespan Personality Development
People tend to become more friendly and emotionally stable throughout early adulthood, but they explore less, among other changes. I’m working on theoretical models to explain these trajectories.

Life Experiences and Personality Development
Our personality traits may be affected by life events, like moving residences, and daily experiences, like lead exposure. I’m studying how and when the environment affects personality, with a particular focus on identifying causal effects.