Jennifer Watling Neal

Jennifer  Watling Neal
  • Professor
  • Social / Personality Psychology


PhD, Psychology , University of Illinois at Chicago, 2008 
MA, Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2004 
BS, Psychology, University of Arizona, 2001 
BA, Sociology, University of Arizona, 2001



My research falls into three different topics. First, I am interested in understanding how social networks are associated with behavior in schools. I tend to ask questions like: (1) How are relationships in childhood and adolescence associated with aggression, prosociality, and personalities? and (2) How can social networks be leveraged to improve educators’ access to and implementation of evidence-based programs and practices

Second, I am interested in advancing social network theory and methods.  Some of my recent work in this area has focused on examining how different data collection methods are related to the structure of child and adolescent networks.

Third, I am interested in understanding the prevalence, characteristics, and experiences of childfree adults (i.e., adults who do not have and do not want kids) in the US and in other countries using large scale demographic data.  You can support this research with a tax-deductible donation to the MSU Childfree Research Fund.