College of Social Science Awards 3 Faculty Members

April 26, 2019 - Caroline Kraft

Steve Kozlowski, Kaston Anderson-Carpenter, and Bill ChopikThree professors in the department won awards from the College of Social Science this year. 

Bill Chopik, assistant professor of social psychology, won the Rising Star Research Award: This award recognizes junior faculty contributions to the reputation of MSU as a world leader in social science research through externally recognized publications, grants or awards.

Steve Kozlowski, professor of organizational psychology, won the Cross Disciplinary Research Award: This award recognizes and encourages significant research achievements on issues of societal relevance, not easily identified with a single discipline or that require collaboration across multiple disciplines.

Kaston Anderson-Carpenter, professor of community psychology, won the Outstanding Teacher Award. This award is given to a faculty member who demonstrates superior teaching skills and excellent ability to connect with students. Anderson-Carpenter is invited to speak at Commencement in May 2019.