A Conversation with the President of Psi Chi at Michigan State University

October 6, 2022 - Shelly DeJong

Sadie smiles at the camera in front of a maroon wall.

Sadie Mrakuzic, a senior studying Psychology and Public Policy, is the president of Psi Chi at Michigan State University, the International Honor Society in Psychology that focuses on excellence in scholarship and advancing the field of psychology. We reached out to Sadie to learn about her experience with Psi Chi, her goals as president, and her advice for new psychology students. 


How did you end up studying psychology and public policy? 

I've always been interested in psychology, so I knew I wanted to major in it. I came in as an Urban Planning major but switched to Public Policy when I found out it aligned more with how I want to help people. Psychology and Public Policy interweave in different ways for me, but mainly it is about helping make concrete changes to help benefit people's lives. So, whether that is changing an archaic, discriminatory policy or giving someone the tools to be more successful at regulating emotions, I want to help make that change. 

What do you love about psychology? 
I love how relevant psychology is to everyday life. I have always been inclined to try to understand people, their motives, their beliefs, and their character. Psychology gives me research-based methods and concepts which I apply throughout my daily life. I hope to use my knowledge to help others through counselling. 

What have you most enjoyed about Psi Chi? 
I have most enjoyed the connections I have made through the club, both professionally and personally. Psi Chi has gotten me into both of my research labs! Dr. Adrienne Adams and Dr. Mark Brandt were both guest speakers with whom I followed up after our meetings to discuss research positions. They have taught me a lot about general research and their specific fields.  

What are your goals as the Psi Chi President? 
I want to make a psychology community to benefit all social science students at MSU. I want meetings to be a place where everyone feels welcome to learn valuable skills to help them succeed in the field of psychology. Beyond that, I hope to connect with other universities' Psi Chi organizations so that we can grow as a part of the global community. 

Advice for new psych students? 
Get involved! Psychology is a huge field with so many directions you can go. Explore your interests through clubs, research, career services, and going to events so you can find the direction for you! 

If people want to get involved with Psi Chi, come to our meetings! We meet every other Monday at 6 pm in Psychology Building Room 119! They can also follow our Instagram @psichimsu or join the email list by emailing secretaryofpsichi@gmail.com.