MSU Psychology podcasts worth listening to

December 8, 2022 - Shelly DeJong

If you’re a curious person who can’t get enough podcasts, this list is for you! MSU psychology faculty, postdocs, and grad students have been busy sharing their expertise on a variety of topics—including personality, twins, childfree adults, belief systems, and more!  Dive in and enjoy stimulating conversations about research, theories, and ideas with some voices you may just recognize!  

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Dr. Mark Brandt |  Opinion Science: Belief Systems with Mark Brandt | A discussion about networks explaining belief systems, identifying which opinions are central to a belief system, and the difficulty in quantifying an individual person’s network of opinions. 

Dr. William Chopik  |   Dating While Gray: Making Moves |  Does it make sense to move to find someone to date? 

Dr. William Chopik  |   The Souffle: Close Relationships with Dr. William Chopik |  A wide ranging discussion about attachment. 

Dr. William Chopik  |   Epidemiology Counts: Episode 26 – Optimism |  A discussion about optimism and health. 

Dr. William Chopik  |  Your Direction: Interview with Dr. Bill Chopik |  Dr. Chopik shares about how he got interested personality psychology and optimism.  

Dr. William Chopik  |   Corrupting the Youth: Teaching the Replication Crisis |  A little about cats, teaching, and teaching about psychology findings that don’t replicate.  

Dr. Quinetta Roberson |  Work and Life with Stew Friedman: The Impact of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion |  A discussion about the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Dr. Quinetta Roberson  |   WorkLife with Adam Grant: How to Bust Bias at Work | A discussion about the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Dr. Zachary Neal and Dr. Jenna Watling Neal  |  Teacher Toolkit Podcast with Ross McGill: Research on Teacher Social networks |  A discussion on mapping educators’ social networks to understand how they get information and make decisions about what programs and practices to use in their schools.  

Dr. Zachary Neal and Dr. Jenna Watling Neal  |  New Legacy Institute Podcast with Christine Erickson: Demographics, Planning & Policy | A discussion about several recently published papers on childfree adults including findings on childfree demographics and neighborhood satisfaction. 

Dr. Jennifer Watling Neal on Knitting Networks: Jennifer Watling Neal | A discussion about social networks in schools and social network analysis. 


Postdoctoral Researcher 

Dr. Rebekka Weidmann hosts the Personality Psychology Podcast | Personality scientists discuss the science of how people are different from one another, where these differences come from, how they develop, and why they matter. | Episode recommendation: #5 Subjective well-being featuring MSU professor Dr. Richard Lucas 


Graduate Students 

Sarah Carroll on Braaains: Twins and Triplets | Hear from Sarah about her clinical work with twins at MSU, and enjoy a deep-dive into what its like being part of a set of triplets. 

Megan Mikhail  |   Outweigh: The Link Between Emotional Regulation and Eating Disorders | Megan talks about the role of emotions and emotion regulation in eating disorder risk and eating disorders in marginalized populations.   

Megan Mikhail  |   Sci-Files: Disadvantage and Eating Disorders – Overturning Stereotypes  | Megan shares about her research examining how socioeconomic disadvantage may increase risk for eating disorders in youth.  

Rachael Pyram  |   Women and Minorities in the Physical Sciences: Journeys of Scientists podcast | Rachael shares about her experience as a second-year doctoral student in Organizational Psychology.  

Aksheya Sridhar and Diondra Straiton  |   Making Sense: Sensory health Podcast Series from STAR Institute | Aksheya and Diondra raise awareness about anti-black racism in the clinical pathway and give recommendations that clinicians can take to engage in anti-racist clinical work. 

Corbin Standley  |   Punk Rock Pariah: Break Down the Walls No.2 | An interview about suicide, social justice, and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Corbin Standley  |   Sci-Files: Youth Suicide Prevention | An interview about  research on youth suicide, intersectionality, and social support.