Psychology Student Spotlight: Takira Romero

November 11, 2022 - Shelly DeJong

Takira Romero, from Detroit, is a third-year majoring in psychology. Romero was a first-year when COVID-19 shut down campus. She continued to live at MSU during that time and experienced a very different campus than today’s bustling one. Now a third-year, she’s enjoying having more opportunities to connect with others in person. 

*Content warning: mention of suicide, grief


Takira, can you tell us why you originally came to MSU?  
I really liked the way the campus looked, they had hundreds of clubs to get involved with, they had a good Psychology program, and they offered me the most in financial aid.  
Why did you decide on Psychology for your major? 
I've always loved psychology. I've always loved thinking about brains and why people do what they do. Growing up, my parents had some mental health issues. I lost my dad to suicide when I was eight and I was in therapy for a long time after that. It made me passionate about mental health and how it can take a toll on somebody. From there, I realized that I wanted to be a psychologist. 
I’m especially interested in specializing in children. I love children. I'm really interested in developmental psychology and what kids know at different ages and things like that. 
How are you involved in Psychology at MSU? 
I recently was accepted into the Scholars Program. One of the things they emphasize is finding research opportunities as well as providing resources for graduate school and internships. I’m glad to have connected with them because I’m definitely interested in doing research. 

I also joined the Psychology Club. I’ve been trying to find other psych students to kind of connect with! 
Do you have any favorite classes? 
One of my favorite classes that I took last year was Developmental Psychology--basically a whole class about the thing I am most interested in! I also took an Abnormal Psychology class and a class about different disorders that I found really interesting. 
Do you have any advice for your fellow psych students? 
You don't have to know exactly what area of psych that you want to go into when you start. Psychology is a very large field and people don't realize that there's so many facets to it. There's clinical psychology, developmental psychology, sports psychology, and so much more! You can find classes that you are specifically interested in and do some exploring. 

Also, I'd recommend getting a mentor. Someone who knows what they're doing, someone who's been in the program for a while who can help you out. MSU is a big school, and it can feel very overwhelming. I have a mentor through the TRIO Student Support Service Program at MSU which has been helpful.  

Anything else you’d like to add? 
College itself can be a rocky experience and sometimes it may seem very overwhelming. But I think if you find a club, a mentor, or something to anchor on to, you’ll find your way through college itself a lot easier. That's something that I had--a close friend who reminded me that I would be ok even when things were stressful.  


If you're looking for support as a student, a comprehensive list of campus resources for academic learning, mental health, culture, and identity can be found here.