Psychology Students Presented 40 Research Projects at UURAF 2022

April 14, 2022

Several Psychology students presented at the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum on Friday April 8th! There were 40 psychology posters and presentations total. Thank you to all the researchers, mentors, and students who were involved in projects this year!

Below is a list of all the posters and presentations from Psychology Students at UURAF 2022, starting with section winners:


Speech Understanding in Difficult Listening Conditions

Presentation Number: 3206, Section 1 Winner

Presenters: Kyle Oliver & Frank Dolecki

Mentors: Devin McAuley and Toni Smith




Spectrum-Dependent Arousal in a Diurnal Rodent Model

Presentation Number: 3213, Section 2 Winner

Presenter: Emma Beaver

Mentor: Lily Yan




Narrative Processing of Music: How Culture Influences Our Perception of Music

Presentation Number: 3221, Section 3 Winner

Presenters: Grace Bonnema, Tushya Mehta, & Sydney Logsdon

Mentor: Natalie Philips




Reducing Political Differences in a Closeness Building Activity

Presentation Number: 3235, Section 4 Winner

Presenters: Anna Forest, Ria Jain, Ayushi Patel, Abby Roberts, & Jessica Skaff

Mentor: William Chopik




Examining Social Communication Outcomes for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Partaking in Parent-Mediated Intervention

Presentation Number: 3247, Section 5 Winner 

Presenter: Jessie Greatorex

Mentor: Brooke Ingersoll




Contribution of Lip Reading to Speech Recognition in Complex Listening Conditions

Presentation Number: 3254, Section 6 Winner

Presenter: Anusha Mamidipaka

Mentor: Devin McAuley




The Role of Neighborhood Disadvantage and Deviant Peer Affiliation in the Development of Antisocial Behavior

Presentation Number: 3238

Presenters: Nithya Gogineni & Leya Chambo

Mentors: Sarah Carroll & Alexandra Burt


Parental Control and Childhood Externalizing Problems in Families Experiencing Neighborhood Disadvantage

Presentation Number: 3212

Presenter: Megan McShane

Mentors: Elizabeth Shewark & Alexandra Burt


Improving Target Detection in Low Prevalence Search Tasks with Multiple Targets

Presentation Number: 3246

Presenters: Amanda Hawkins, Derrek Montalvo, Matthew Taylor, & Merna Yaldo

Mentor: Mark Becker


Changes in Retrospective Childhood Memories in Older Adulthood

Presentation Number: 3236

Presenters: Julia Maahs, Hannah Hua, & Sneha Challa

Mentor: William Chopik


A Blunted Pupil Light Reflex in Individuals with Schizophrenia Liability

Presentation Number: 3207

Presenter: Pelli Mechnikov

Mentors: Jessica Fattal & Katherine Thakkar


Associations between Pubertal Timing and Depressive Symptoms in Girls who Identify as White, Black / African American, Hispanic / Latinx, and Multiracial

Presentation Number: 3255

Presenter: Emily Sokol

Mentors: Carolina Anaya & Kelly Klump


Examining Administrative and Logistical Barriers in Implementation of Telehealth ABA Therapy

Presentation Number: 3253

Presenter: Teresa Girard

Mentors: Anamiguel Pomales-Ramos & Brooke Ingersoll


Social and Physical Aggression as Predictors of Cyberaggression

Presentation Number: 3223

Presenters: Tuan Nguyen, Sydney Wojczynski, & Shrithika Venkat

Mentor: Alexandra Vasquez


Emotion Regulation as a Mediator between Child Maltreatment and Adult Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms During Pregnancy

Presentation Number: 3214

Presenter: Jewelian Fairchild

Mentor: Anne Bogat


Stress During a Global Pandemic: The Experience and Impacts That Predict COVID-19 Related Stress

Presentation Number: 3203

Presenters: Matthew Rostker & Brianna Lind

Mentors: Christopher Webster & Jason Moser


Modeling Changes in Health and Wellbeing Over a 10-Year Period in Late Life

Presentation Number: 3234

Presenters: Meghan Abrom, Jillian Lange, Alex Mison, & Kayla Stevenson

Mentors: Mariah Purol & William Chopik


The Investment Model in Asexual Relationships: The Moderating Role of Attachment Orientation

Presentation Number: 3243

Presenters: Hayden Connor-Kuntz, Sania Sinha, & Sanaye Lewis

Mentor: William Chopik


Similarity in Personality Facets is Associated with Life and Relationship Satisfaction

Presentation Number: 3245

Presenters: Ethan Wright, Alisar Alabdullah, & Sophia Ryan

Mentor: William Chopik


COVID Fear is Associated with Greater PTSD Symptom Severity and Intrusive Thoughts

Presentation Number: 3204

Presenters: Brianna Lind & Matthew Rostker

Mentors: Christopher Webster & Jason Moser


Data Integrity and Online Data Collection with Transgender Communities

Presentation Number: 3216

Presenters: Megan Wertz & Belle Hoke

Mentor: Jae Puckett


The Effect of Pitch on Finger Height During Sensorimotor Synchronization

Presentation Number: 3215

Presenters: Cynthia Sridhar & Jessica Truong

Mentors: Devin McAuley & Carrie Kroger


Weird Wild World: Temporal Changes and Characteristics of What Makes Someone "Weird"

Presentation Number: 3232

Presenters: Antoinette Wingo, Anna Parcells, Naila Saric, & Jamie Quaglia

Mentors: Rebekka Weidmann & William Chopik


Stories Imagined When Listening to Music Affects Perceived Duration

Presentation Number: 3237

Presenters: Jewelian Fairchild, Sandy Lin, Meghan Gogineni, & Zara Ahmad

Mentor: Devin McAuley


Daily Variation in Child Emotion

Presentation Number: 3217

Presenters: Sydney George & Trevor Sheehan

Mentor: Emily Durbin


Investigating Effects of Load on Working Memory Recall

Presentation Number: 3226

Presenters: Alessandra Attari & Hannah Morrow

Mentor: Susan Ravizza


Analyzing the Measurement of Awe

Presentation Number: 3252

Presenters: Megan Denehy, Sam Barans, Alli Harkenrider, & Alisar Abdullah

Mentor: Richard Lucas


Educational Experiences During COVID-19 Among Adolescents and Young Adults

Presentation Number: 3244

Presenter: Emma LaBarre

Mentor: Emily Durbin


How Associating Award with a Spatial Location Impacts Working Memory

Presentation Number: 3222

Presenters: Jordan Bross & Elizabeth Lipin

Mentor: Susan Ravizza


How to Cancel Plans: A Mixed Methods Study of Strategy and Experience

Presentation Number: 3231

Presenters: Sophia Caron, Jacqueline Thomas, & Alaina Thomas

Mentor: William Chopik


Resilient Coping, Posttraumatic Stress, and Opioid Use during COVID-19 Lockdown: A Moderated Mediation Study

Presentation Number: 3257

Presenter: Stephen Beegle

Mentor: Kaston Anderson-Carpenter


A Replication Study: Reference Period Length Matters When Reporting Emotions

Presentation Number: 3225

Presenters: Jennifer Warkentien, Samuel Barans, Alli Harkenrider, & Emma Weber

Mentors: Rebekka Weidmann, Andrew Rakhshani, Brent Donnellan, & Richard Lucas


Coping, Resilience, and Sense of Belonging During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presentation Number: 3248

Presenter: Gabriel Schafer

Mentor: Kaston Anderson-Carpenter


Personality Predictors of Starting a New Relationship During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presentation Number: 3251

Presenters: Daniel Litman, Meghan Shuck, & Alexandra Stapleton

Mentor: William Chopik


The Five Major Personality Traits, Gender, and COVID-19 Impact as Predictors of Life Satisfaction and Perceived Stress

Presentation Number: 3202

Presenter: James St. Clair

Mentor: Jennifer Watling Neal


Social Media as a Soapbox: Are We Convinced by Performative Allyship Online?

Presentation Number: 3241

Presenter: Isabelle McKinney

Mentors: Caitlin Briggs & Ann Marie Ryan


Optimism is Positively Associated with Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presentation Number: 3233

Presenters: Jasmine Amine, Emily Perkins, Emily Tetreau, & Corrin Misak

Mentors: Jeewon Oh and William Chopik


Crowdsourcing Close Relationship Science Research: Testing 15 Burning Questions

Presentation Number: 3227

Presenter: Sneha Challa

Mentor: William Chopik


Pandemic Behaviors Change with Videogames

Presentation Number: 1426

Presenter: Advait Rathi

Mentor: Zachary Neal