Christopher Nye

Christopher  Nye
  • Associate Professor
  • Organizational Psychology


I have three primary streams of research. First, I am interested in understanding the employee selection process. In order for organizations to be effective, it is essential that they hire the right employees for the job. Given the importance of employee selection, my research has focused on assessing job applicants, identifying the individual differences that will be the best predictors of job performance and satisfaction, and identifying the employees who are the best fit for the job. 

My second primary stream of research is on the use and interpretation of quantitative methods in organizational research. The use of appropriate methods is essential for conducting high quality research. Consequently, one of my primary research interests is in understanding the biases, misuses, and misinterpretation of quantitative techniques. The bulk of my research in this area has primarily focused on structural equation modeling (SEM) and item response theory (IRT).

Finally, my interests in psychological measurement and employee selection have led to my third stream of research on improving our understanding of individual differences at work. Non-cognitive characteristics, like personality and vocational interests, are important predictors of behavior at work. However, more research is needed to understand how these individual differences may change over time as a function of workplace experiences. Therefore, my research has focused on understanding these changes in both personality and vocational interests and quantifying the effects of work on these individual differences over time.


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