What is Community Psychology?

Community psychology is an interdisciplinary field that draws on psychology, sociology, public health, and other fields to improve the lives of people in their communities through a combination of research and action. In the United States, it was born out of the 1965 Swampscott Conference, where psychologists were increasingly questioning the value of individual-focused treatments for mental health, and sought more community-based solutions. Today, Community Psychology and Community Psychologists address a wide range of issues that still include mental health, but also include violence against women, public education, community economic development, health disparities, and others.


Ecological / Community Psychology at MSU

We are committed to working alongside communities to address the issues they find most pressing. Our graduate program involves a combination of community-based practical experience, classroom-based instruction, and collaborative research to equip students with cutting-edge methods and theories for creating community change.

While our faculty and graduate students maintain individual and collaborative research projects, these coalesce around a few strengths that make our program distinctive: