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  • The Zoom Intake
    Our administrative staff will schedule a 30-minute Zoom intake session for you with a Clinic Coordinator. During the intake, the Coordinator will collect information about you and your treatment needs in order to determine whether our services would be appropriate for your concerns and if so, how we are most likely to help you. The Clinic Director will review information from the Zoom intake, and we will contact you within one week following your intake to discuss plans for your treatment.
  • Accessibility

    Features of the MSU Psychological Clinic

    • Wheelchair accessible
    • Individual, gender neutral restrooms
    • A comfortable, private, and clean waiting room
  • Directions and Parking

    Driving Directions: 

    If you are on Grand River Ave, enter campus via Farm Lane (this is Collingwood Ave going in the other direction). Once you turn, the Broad Art Museum will be on your right hand side. Continue approximately ¼ mile and there will be a small parking lot on your left (labeled with a street sign – Psychology Road). You will park in this small lot and enter the Psychology Building through the door labeled MSU Psychological Clinic (faces Grand River Ave). Once inside, the Clinic will be located to your right.

    Putting "262 Psychology Road, East Lansing, MI 48824" into your GPS should provide you with accurate directions as well.


    Parking Instructions: 

    There are two parking spots dedicated to the clinic at the west end of the parking lot. Please park in one of these spots, if available. If the clinic spots are filled, please park in any other visitor spot in the lot. On your way to the clinic door, stop at the kiosk and follow these steps:

    1) Wake screen up by tapping on it (the kiosk is solar powered so the screen will not always be lit)

    2) Enter full license plate number

    3) For "Select time duration," pick the first option on the list (Psych Clinic Appt)

    4) Enter the validation code number that is provided to you

    5) Optional - you can select a receipt but you do not need one


  • What to Expect at your First Appointment
    During your first appointment, you will review your signed consent for treatment forms, meet with your clinician, and complete interviews and/or questionnaires that will help your clinician better understand your symptoms and create a treatment plan.
  • Clinic Referrals

    To access the referral form, visit and scroll down to Referral Form. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do you prescribe medication?

    A: We do not have a psychiatrist on staff so we do not prescribe medication. You may contact the Psychiatry clinic on campus at 517-353-3070.


    Q: Do you currently offer in-person or telehealth sessions?

    A: We are currently a predominately in-person clinic; however, we can offer telehealth services to individuals in certain circumstances. If this is something you are interested in, please be sure to let the clinic coordinator know in your Zoom interview.


    Q. How much does it cost for the Zoom intake interview?

    A.  There is no charge for the Zoom intake interview.


    Q: What kind of questions will I be asked during the Zoom intake interview?

    A: You be asked questions regarding demographics, mental health history, and what has prompted you to seek services at this time. We will also determine your fee at this time.


    Q. If the Zoom intake interview is for my child, do they need to be available?

    A.  No. A parent and/or legal guardian will complete the Zoom intake interview.


    Q: Can I make an appointment for an adult family member or friend?

    A: No. Someone who is over the age 18 needs to call the clinic on their own to schedule a Zoom intake interview.


    Q: How long is a session?

    A: The initial appointment and subsequent sessions are 50 minutes.


    Q: What i the MSU Psychological Clinic is determined not to be the best fit for me/my child?

    A: The clinic coordinator will provide a comprehensive list of referrals curated just for you, based on your answers to the Zoom interview. Your needs can then be best addressed by the most appropriate community provider. 



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