"I only realized after graduating and speaking to new colleagues that the collegial, collaborative, and nurturing relationships that I enjoyed with the MSU faculty are not a given in many other programs. I greatly appreciate how generous the faculty were with their time and efforts in guiding and training me during my MSU years, it equipped me with valuable lessons that I pass on to my own students now!"

-SinHui Chong, Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University

"I’ve benefited from the technical skills I learned at MSU, especially interpreting data. I learned how to think critically and consider models and frameworks for connecting the dots. I’m often told that I bring an objective, analytical, systemic, and strategic view to issues and I attribute that to my education at MSU. Being able to take in the information and honestly assess and analyze it has really helped me."

-Cori Davis, Chief People Officer at Genentech

"I loved the graduate program at MSU. I felt grateful because it is a star-studded cast of faculty that mentored me, taught my classes, and prepared me for what was next. I think a lot of how I've modeled my mentorship style, research, and project management skills are based on the things that I saw faculty doing there at Michigan State."

-Danielle King, Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences at Rice University



Where are they now?

Alumni of MSU Organizational Psychology can be found in many roles in academia, industry, consulting and government. Below are some of the places you can find our alums: