Graduate Students

The Org Psych groups stands together in front of a grad student's poster presentation.


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 Current Graduate Students 

Congratulations to our 2023 PhD graduates! 





Internship Highlights

Jo Alanis interned with the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) in Alexandria, VA as an I-O Psychology Research Intern.

"As an intern on the Assessment, Development, and Evaluation team, I worked on developing items for various assessments, crafting surveys for diversity & inclusion initiatives, and leading focus groups & feedback sessions with different organizational stakeholders."

Caitlin Briggs was a Research Science Intern in Talent Assessment for Amazon.

 “I worked on a small team that investigated research questions regarding selection and assessment at Amazon and regularly met with leadership to present and discuss the implications of our findings for the organization at large. I owned two projects that focused on improving the interview process and presented my findings to leadership at the end of the summer.”

Connor Eichenauer was a Talent Assesments Strategist for Honeywell. 

 "At Honeywell, I worked within the Talent Assessments team to build, implement, and maintain a portfolio of assessments for both selection and development purposes. Example projects include validating and deploying executive selection assessments, standing up executive and high potential leadership development assessment programs, developing tools that provide onboarding tips based on assessment results, and creating interview guides and interview training programs."

Jenna Van Fossen was a visiting research assistant at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, Germany. 

"I’ll be teaching a course on international human resource management at the university, which is especially exciting because the class is taken by a lot of international students. I also received a small amount of funding through MSU to study relationships between cultural values and change in students’ attitudes and outcomes related to virtual learning, and I’ll be working on a book chapter on AI and trust with Sandy and Guido Hertel, a professor at another university in Münster." 





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